October rainfall and water level data show returning dry weather

Map of monthly rainfall for October 2018

A map illustrates rainfall conditions across the St. Johns River Water Management District.

~Trending dry weather is a reminder that watering restrictions promote water conservation~

A map illustrates rainfall conditions across the St. Johns River Water Management District.

PALATKA, Fla., Nov. 13, 2018 — The St. Johns River Water Management District data for October shows the month’s rainfall was below average, except for a zone of above-average rainfall along the central coast. The data provided a snapshot of rainfall and surface water conditions across the district’s 18-county service area to the district’s Governing Board Tuesday.

Counties with the greatest rainfall deficits for October were Alachua, which received only one inch of rain, and Marion, which received only 1.2 inches of rain. October’s below-average rainfall brings twelve-month districtwide totals to slightly below the long-term average.

Below-average rainfall has decreased surface water flow across the district. Surface water flow conditions in the Upper St. Johns River Basin are now in the very low range, while further downstream, flow is still in the average range, except for the tidally influenced river near the Jacksonville monitoring station. Recreational boaters may also notice a slight decrease in levels at Lakes Winnemissett, Apopka and Blue Cypress.

Water conservation is a year-round focus at the district. The end of daylight saving time corresponds with the semi-annual shift in watering restrictions ensuring the efficient use of water for landscape irrigation across the district. As a time of reduced need and dormancy for many plants and grass, winter is an appropriate time to cut back. For more details about watering restrictions, visit www.sjrwmd.com/wateringrestrictions.