Water resources for Florida agriculture

Greenhouse filled with red flowers
Rows of corn growing
Fam field full of cabbages

The St. Johns River Water Management District has the tools to assist the agricultural community grow the crops that help feed America and grow Florida’s economy, while protecting water resources. Following are descriptions of sources of assistance, with links to web resources and contact information. These resources offer agricultural permit applicants a “one stop,” centralized location to find help in gathering water use data needed for permits, to reduce duplication in the permitting process and to save time and money. Information is also available on best management practices and cost-share opportunities.

Water Resources for Florida Agriculture

Agricultural Assistance Team

The district’s Agricultural Assistance Team works closely with growers on consumptive use permits and environmental resource permits and permit exemption determinations, which are required for some agricultural operations.

The Ag Assistance Team helps simplify and accelerate the permitting process, reduce permitting duplication, assist growers in obtaining and complying with permits, and helps ensure that growers are able to comply with total maximum daily loads and Basin Management Action Plans established by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).