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Wetlands determinations and impacts

As a regulatory agency of the state of Florida, the St. Johns River Water Management District uses its Environmental Resource Permitting program as one of its primary tools to make sure that new construction does not reduce the benefits that wetlands provide, cause flooding or pollute waterways.

Anyone who proposes construction of new facilities in wetlands, including governmental agencies, developers building new residential or commercial areas, or anyone who wants to fill in wetlands, may be required to have an environmental resource permit (ERP).

Depending on the nature of a project or intended activity, you may be regulated either through the St. Johns River Water Management District or through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), both of which act in accordance with responsibilities specified in an Operating Agreement.

Please refer to this frequently asked questions document for details. This FAQ includes a list of common activities that may require a permit, provides links to resources to help determine if wetlands are present on your property, and how to submit an application if a permit is needed.

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