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Processes ensure accountability

The St. Johns River Water Management District strives to ensure accountability to Florida’s taxpayers.

The district employs multiple layers of checks and balances to hold the agency and its employees to the highest standards of financial responsibility. The district’s Governing Board oversees development and implementation of a budget that focuses on the district’s core missions.

The district believes it is the ethical and fiduciary responsibility of each employee involved in the procurement process to protect the integrity of the process. Certified staff acquire goods and services to support district initiatives, using procedures of integrity and fairness, which also encourage diversity and are consistent with applicable laws, policies and procedures. Additionally, persons who seek to influence district procurement decisions on behalf of another person or entity may not lobby the district until they register as lobbyists.

To fund its work, the district collects property taxes and fees, and receives grants and appropriations from the state and federal governments. Various state and federal laws govern the way the district spends money and the district follows generally accepted accounting principles.

Through lobbyist registration and “government in the sunshine” — public records law and open meetings — the district maintains accountability to the public in its financial processes.

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