Mission statement

The overall mission of the district’s procurement program is to acquire goods and services in a responsive manner through contractual mechanisms that support district core missions. Staff are committed to using fair, ethical and fiducial procedures, while promoting diverse opportunities, that are consistent with applicable laws, policies, and procedures.

View our solicitations

The district advertises its solicitations through the following portals:

VendorRegistry logo

You can also view our bids on our new vendor registration and solicitation system, Vendor Registry utilizing the link above.

The district offers a free, online vendor registration system, powered by Vendor Registry. The system allows you to quickly register your business and update details with the district to include details on the products, services and contact information for your company. This will enable your company to receive notifications on bid opportunities. Use the link Vendor Registration and Login. This ensures that you are set up and ready to bid when the opportunity arises. If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please call Vendor Registry at 844-802-9202.

Demandstar logo

The district also utilizes Demandstar as an additional source for advertising solicitations. Demandstar maintains an automated registered suppliers list by specific category, and vendors may register with Demandstar by clicking the following link to automatically receive district solicitation announcements and to download solicitation documents.

Register with DemandStar or call 800-711-1712.

To view current competitive solicitations or Notices of Intent to Sole Source issued by the district on Demandstar, click on the link below.

Florida Department of Management Services logo

Through the state of Florida’s MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP), registered vendors are given online access to business opportunities through its Vendor Bid System (VBS). By registering, vendors receive courtesy VBS email notifications regarding bid advertisements for commodities and/or services for which they have registered.

For questions concerning a district solicitation posted on VBS or to receive a copy of a specific solicitation, contact the district’s named Procurement contact person for the solicitation.

Procurement threshold (per fiscal year) Solicitation requirement Notes
$10,000 or less At least one quote (Informal) Use good purchasing practices.
Greater than $10,000 up to $100,000 At least three quotes (Informal) Greater than $10,000 up to $35,000 Requires either advertisement on a district solicitation portal (Vendor Registry and/or DemandStar and or State of Florida’s Vendor Bid System (VBS) or receipt of three written quotes, which may be solicited through an emailed Quote Request. Greater than $35,000 up to $100,000 Requires Quote Request to be advertised on a district solicitation portal, such as Vendor Registry or DemandStar or State of Florida’s Vendor Bid System (VBS).
Greater than $100,000 Formal solicitation Examples: Invitation for Bids, Request for Proposals, Request for Qualifications, Invitation to Negotiate

Unless a procurement is exempt under the district’s Policy 88-05, Procurement, such as purchases made utilizing a state of Florida contract, or other public entities or public purchasing cooperative contracts, the above thresholds apply. For sole source procurements that exceed $35,000, a Notice of Intent to Sole Source must be posted on the district’s solicitation portal for a minimum of seven days.