Springs of the district

Tobacco Patch Landing Springs

Tobacco Patch Landing Springs in Marion County

Tobacco Patch Landing Springs is a third-magnitude spring that is normally submerged by 4 to 5 feet of water when Rodman Reservoir is at capacity. At times of drawdown in the Rodman Reservoir, the spring pool and vent are more easily discernible (see photographs). The circular pool of the main spring is set at the base of a hill overlooking Rodman Reservoir. The vent is approximately 12 to 15 feet across, with a rock ledge visible on its northern side. During an observed period of low water in the reservoir, water flowed southwest out of the pool and was joined by water coming from the east, and the combined run flowed to the west approximately 0.25 mile to the Ocklawaha River. The source of the water from the east was not determined. About 300 feet west of the spring pool another stream joined the spring run from the southeast, but the source of this water also could not be determined.