Sanlando Springs

Floating swimming platform at Sanlando Springs

Sanlando Springs is a second-magnitude spring that flows mostly from an oblong cavity beneath a limestone ledge about 7 feet below the water surface. The cavity is about 2 to 3 feet high and 10 feet wide. The spring forms a circular pool about 30 feet in diameter, enclosed by a stone and concrete retaining wall, except for a wide opening that lets water flow to a large oval-shaped pond. The large pond is about 200 feet long and 180 feet wide and is dammed for swimming. The pond is bordered by a low concrete retaining wall, with a narrow white sand beach on its west side and the opening on its east side to the spring pool. Flow from the pond is westward to the Little Wekiva River through two weirs, one each in the retaining wall at the north and south ends of the pond.