Messant Spring in Lake County

Messant Spring is a second-magnitude spring that has also been referred to as Messinger Spring. Spring discharge issues from a conical vent about 15 feet in diameter at its top, tapering to about 4 feet at its bottom. A rock ledge extends out at a depth of 20 to 25 feet on the north side of the hole. A horizontal cavern opens under the ledge. The spring forms a circular pool about 45 feet in diameter, with a gentle boil at the pool surface over the vent. The sides of the pool are steep, sloping rapidly to the cavern opening in the central part of the pool. Flow from the pool is east, down a run about 20 feet wide and 5 to 6 feet deep. The run meanders eastward for about 300 feet and then turns southeast to discharge to Black Water Creek (Rosenau et al. 1977). The spring is situated in open hardwood, palm, and pine woods at the edge of low sand hills to the west. Vegetation is thinned and forest debris is cleaned from around the pool and spring run to improve access, yet a natural, undeveloped appearance is retained. The spring is located on private land and not open to the public.