Springs of the district

Lake Jesup Spring

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Lake Jessup Spring is a man-made, third-magnitude spring situated in a small cove on the south edge of Lake Jesup. The spring pool is about 50 feet in diameter. The spring flow reportedly issues from sand boils in the center of the circular pool. The run to the lake is about 85 feet long, 6 feet to 7 feet wide, and about 1 foot deep. Spring flow into the lake was visible as a distinct line between the clear spring water and the colored lake water at the lake’s edge.

The spring is reportedly the result of an attempt to excavate a boat slip back from the lakeshore in the spring of 1952. According to local residents, a hole 35-feet-deep washed out in the clay bottom of the excavation as it was being dug. A strong flow of water issued from the hole before it was plugged with logs, clay, and sand. The flow of the spring is now presumably much less than it was when first excavated (Rosenau et al. 1977).