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Elder Spring is a surficial aquifer seep. The spring was modified from its natural condition by the placement of a short length of 3-foot-diameter clay pipe, covered by a metal lid, and set vertically into the ground at the point of discharge. The pool contained by the pipe is about 2 feet deep; spring flow is from a white-sand bottom and out through a 2-inch-diameter hole near the top of the pipe. Discharge from the pool is northwest to a man-made pond about 50 feet away. The spring is in the center of a circular, concrete wall enclosure 18 inches high and about 12 feet in diameter. This enclosure is covered by a peaked metal roof supported on pillars about 7 feet high. Woven-wire fencing extends from the top of the wall to the eaves of the roof to further enclose the spring. When visited in March 2000, the clay pipe was filled with bricks and there was no flow.