Springs of the district

Beecher Springs

Beecher Springs in Putnam County

Beecher Springs is a third-magnitude spring with a roughly oval-shaped spring pool about 150 feet long from east to west and 130 feet wide from north to south. A natural bank borders the pool to the east, and a concrete walk and retaining wall border the north and west sides. Gentle surface boils are visible in the northwest part of the pool, with a depth to water about 10 to 15 feet over the limestone vent. The east part of the spring pool appears to be appreciably shallower than the western part. Water flows south down a run for about 1.3 miles to discharge into the St. Johns River. Between the springs and the river, water is diverted into man-made holding ponds that are used as fish hatcheries by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services. The spring is not open to the public.