Water conservation videos

Watch the weather, wait to water

Running time: 0:37

We’re asking you to Watch the Weather, Wait to Water during Florida’s summer months, when Mother Nature’s thunderstorms might do the watering for you! Check your forecast to see if rain is on the way. Learn more: WaterLessFlorida.com

How to get great looking turf grass

Running time: 1:01

If you need to water your lawn, make sure you get the most out of the water that is applied. You can do that by ensuring your automatic sprinkler system heads are spaced to provide head-to-head coverage.

Sprinkler heads for turf grass

Running time: 0:46

Different kinds of sprinkler heads are used for different functions in your lawn and landscape’s irrigation system. Here’s a quick overview of the correct sprinkler heads for watering turf grass.

Make a rain gauge at home

Running time: 2:00

Looking for a fun activity with the youngsters in your household? Let the fun begin! Here’s something you can do together with items you likely already have around your home. A clear jar, ruler, tap and a marker will get you started. Follow along as our staff show you how easy it is. More activities on our website: www.sjrwmd.com/education

A twist and a turn for better irrigation

Run Time: 2:19

Did you know that a few simple twists to adjust your rotary nozzle sprinkler head will help you save water? That’s right. Here’s an easy demo that shows how you can make sure your irrigation system is watering your lawn and landscape instead of the pavement.

Tips for saving water indoors

Run Time: 0:42

Here are great tips to save water while allowing enough water flow for household needs.

Is your toilet using water efficiently?

Run Time: 0:44

Here’s a quick overview to ensure your toilet is using water efficiently.

A tip for knowing how much water your sprinkler distributes

Run Time: 1:26

Take control of your sprinkler system to ensure you’re following watering restrictions and not overwatering. Use the easy “catch can” method to determine how much water your sprinkler system puts out.

Easy ways to save water indoors and out

Run Time: 0:45

Irrigation conservation tips

Running Time: 2:36

Tips from the St. Johns River Water Management District to achieve efficiency from your irrigation system while supplying sufficient water for your landscape.

Irrigation system checkup

Running time: 1:21

Here are simple tips for ensuring you are following the year-round watering restrictions and that your irrigation system is functioning properly. Visit the website of the St. Johns River Water Management District at www.sjrwmd.com for more information.

Central Florida Water Initiative

Run time: 4:24

Learn about CFWI, a collaborative water supply planning effort among the state’s three largest water management districts, and the Florida departments of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The Florida Water Star Program

Run time: 2:45

How you can use less water in your home or business