You can cross that bridge when you get to it

We’re not shy about sharing the wonders you’ll discover on St. Johns River Water Management District public lands: the abundant wildlife, the scenic vistas and the solitude that has become an immeasurable commodity during these uncertain times.

You may also find that the trails themselves offer unexpected surprises that delight, especially when you come upon a footbridge. What’s not to love about them? A footbridge is as much a concept as it is construction, allowing you to cross that stream, swamp or chasm with ease as you make your journey. Plus, you can take solace in knowing that you can stop to admire the view without cars and trucks whizzing past because, hey, this is a footbridge!

The District buys land in the course of our work to protect and preserve water resources. Most of the more than 770,000 acres we own or manage is open to the public for passive recreational activities, such as hiking, horseback riding and bird-watching. We keep things natural, but it’s good to have a bridge to cross when you need one.

To make your journey comfortable, be sure to bring water, bug spray, hand sanitizer and your cell phone (for snapping photos). Our property list page provides details on the recreational opportunities offered at each of our 41 properties. Here are some of the properties that have foot bridges:

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