Message from Executive Director
Mike Register, P.E.

We’re moving forward together to address important water resource challenges

Sept. 23, 2021

Michael A. Register speaking to staff

District Executive Director Michael A. Register speaks to staff Sept. 23 to share his vision and priorities.

It was a little over 31 years ago when I walked into the St. Johns River Water Management District reception area to begin my first job out of college as an Engineer I in the regulatory program. Since then, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work with teams of talented individuals in almost every section of the District. It is the experience and knowledge gained from those teams that has made it possible for me to take on this new role as Executive Director.

Looking ahead, I’m excited for what we are going to accomplish together. Although there are significant challenges ahead, I know that, just as in the past, we will rise up to meet those challenges and ensure that we accomplish our mission. We will work tirelessly to improve water quality, protect our springs and water resources, and ensure a resilient water supply to support the environment and economic growth. With the rapid rate of growth in our state, the work of our regulatory programs is even more essential to our mission. By dedicating the required resources, we can provide superior customer service to help applicants meet environmental requirements efficiently and effectively. Staff across the agency will also continue to build productive relationships with not only the regulated public, but also environmental stakeholders, agricultural interests, local governments, elected officials and the general public. Enhancing these relationships will allow us to better understand their needs, help find solutions to challenges and do the things that we do well to benefit the environment.

Our multifaceted work to protect water resources is accomplished because of the staff who have dedicated their careers and knowledge to this agency and the newer staff members who are bringing innovative ideas and fresh perspectives to the table. I look forward to sharing updates with you in the coming weeks about the incredible work performed by our staff.

I believe that people can succeed and do their best when we invest in them by giving them the tools and support they need. One of my goals has always been to foster a work environment that helps people reach their highest potential, which in turn benefits the agency, the public we serve and natural Florida.

As we work together, I am committed to listening to all sides. To staff and others who have already shared insights with me, I say thank you. I look forward to hearing more from all of you.

I feel lucky and am enormously grateful that I get to work at the District in this new role and help make a positive difference each day. By giving a 31-year District employee the opportunity to lead this organization, the Governing Board has affirmed the value of the work performed by the District’s staff on a daily basis.

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