The Great Water Odyssey
expands online fun and learning

Illustrated kitchen

The “What’s a Gallon” chapter of The Great Water Odyssey includes an exploration screen where students learn about the water contents of everyday items.

The St. Johns River Water Management District’s online, interactive program — The Great Water OdysseySM — has been expanded to include a fifth chapter called “What’s a Gallon?”

Odyssey is an adventure in all things water for Florida’s teachers and students. In the newest chapter, students follow our waterdrop, Hydro, as he explores a kitchen to see many ways that water is used, the water content of many foods we eat, the importance of water to our health and where we get our drinking water, to name a few.

Other chapters cover the water cycle, states of matter, Florida’s aquatic habitats and aquifer travels. The program is designed for everyone to learn about water resources and their protection and conservation. This free, online educational tool includes videos, exploration screens and information about Florida’s lakes and rivers, estuaries and wetland habitats. Teachers will also find a downloadable educators’ manual and quizzes to use in their classrooms.

Odyssey nurtures a greater awareness and appreciation of Florida’s watersheds and their ecosystems, and promotes responsible actions for the health, protection and use of Florida’s water resources. Odyssey includes components of science, geography, social studies, reading, technology and math.

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