Take our St. Johns River “aerial” quiz

So, you think you know the St. Johns River? At 310 miles in length, the St. Johns River assumes three different personalities as it flows from south to north: It begins as a marsh, morphs into a defined river with discernable riverbanks and finally becomes an estuary as it mixes with the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean in Mayport.

We’re mixing things up a bit as we challenge you to eight bird’s eye views of the mighty St. Johns River. Can you name them? (Hint: If the going gets too tough, Google Earth can help.)

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Water flows over this weir structure at _______.

a. The south end of Lake George
b. The north end of Lake Washington
c. Puzzle Lake
d. Doctors Lake


Aerial view of a residential community by a river

This neighborhood in ___________ resembles a figure eight.

a. Fleming Island
b. Hontoon Island
c. Goat Island
d. Garland Island


Aerial view of a spring

_________ Springs is one of many spring runs that flow into the St. Johns River.

a. Blue
b. Green
c. Ginger Ale
d. Salt


Aerial view of a road next to a stream

State Road ____ offers a fine view of the St. Johns River’s scenic wet prairies.

a. 528
b. 60
c. 50
d. 46


Aerial view of a parking lot

This area is popular with anglers.

a. Lake Washington
b. Lake Monroe
c. Fellsmere Grade Recreation Area
d. Thomas O. Lawton Recreation Area


Aerial view of a bridge over a river

Locals know that this bridge is located downstream of _______.

a. Lake Jesup
b. Lake Monroe
c. Lake Winder
d. Blue Cypress Lake


Aerial view of a river cutting through a community

The St. Johns River cuts through the quaint community of _______.

a. San Mateo
b. Welaka
c. Astor
d. Holopaw


Aerial view of a winding river

This winding stretch flows into Lake _______.

a. George
b. Sawgrass
c. Monroe
d. Harney

  1. The north end of Lake Washington
  2. Fleming Island
  3. Salt
  4. 50
  5. Fellsmere Grade Recreation Area
  6. Lake Monroe
  7. Astor
  8. George

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