District shares data, coordinates with local governments for hurricane response

June 15, 2023

Local and regional partners gathered in central Florida discuss hurricane preparedness

Local and regional partners gathered in central Florida June 9 to discuss hurricane preparedness and response as we enter hurricane season, which officially began on June 1.

It’s hurricane season and our work continues to ensure we are ready when severe weather heads our way.

St. Johns River Water Management District staff prepare and train year-round for emergencies — both to address our operational needs and to assist the communities we serve. We recently invited representatives from city, county and state agencies to attend a coordination meeting to share ideas on how to better predict, manage and respond before and after a storm.

“We appreciate the participation and interest from our central Florida partners,” said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Mike Register. “This region experienced historical amounts of rainfall last hurricane season, and while I’m proud of our staff’s efforts and response, we want to continue to find ways to improve coordination and collaboration between us and our local and regional partners.”

In addition to this coordination meeting, the District recently updated the storm preparedness and response page on this website. New to the page are links to websites and social media accounts of counties within the District’s service area to allow the public direct information from their local governments and the District.

Also, on the storm resources page, you’ll find the following:

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