Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva, Clay and Bradford Counties

Lake Brooklyn taken from the highway 21 bridge

Lake Brooklyn, in Clay County, and Lake Geneva, in Clay and Bradford counties, are sandhill lakes within the upper Etonia Creek chain of lakes and are among the most-studied lakes within the St. Johns River Water Management District.

Minimum Levels for Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva
The District has completed a reevaluation of minimum levels for both systems, which were originally adopted in January 1996. The reevaluation included an investigation of numerous criteria to ensure that proposed minimum levels will protect important environmental values and beneficial uses.

The draft MFLs for lakes Brooklyn and Geneva underwent independent scientific peer review. The final report and appendices can be accessed at the links below.

Final Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva MFLs Report

Final Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva MFLs Report Appendices: 

Recovery Strategy for Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva Minimum Levels
The re-evaluated MFLs for Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva indicate that they are currently not being met. There is a deficit of 1.6 feet for Lake Brooklyn and 0.3 feet for Lake Geneva. Therefore, Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva are in recovery, and a Recovery Strategy must be adopted concurrently with the revised MFLs (subsection 373.0421(2), Florida Statute (F.S.)).

Strategy for the Implementation of Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva Minimum Levels
Approved by the District’s Governing Board on July 13, 2021

SJRWMD Responses to Peer Reviewer comments regarding draft MFLs

SJRWMD Responses to Stakeholder comments regarding draft MFLs

Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva workshop presentation

A public webinar for the MFLs determination and assessment for Lakes Brooklyn and Geneva was held Sept. 24, 2020, through teleconference. Due to technical difficulties, no audio was recorded. Attached is the presentation that was given during that webinar.

Map of the water bodies in the Keystone Heights area