Springs Restoration Funding

Since 2014, the Florida Legislature has annually approved $50 million for Springs Restoration Funding that benefit our Outstanding Florida Springs.  There is a process for identifying and selecting springs projects for cost-share funding.

The water management districts, including the St. Johns River Water Management District, review requests for funding in a public and transparent process. Eligible projects for consideration are construction-ready and provide a benefit to the springs within the District. These projects must be submitted as part of the District’s annual Districtwide Cost-share Program (DWCS).  All projects must be vetted by the District and approved by the District’s Governing Board prior to being sent to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for funding consideration. Selected projects are generally co-funded by the District and DEP.

The District and DEP will consider the following factors in the selection of springs projects:

  • Nutrient reductions to improve water quality
  • Water savings or measurable quantity improvements
  • Applicant match commitment
  • Readiness to proceed in a timely manner
  • Proximity to a priority focus area (PFA) or spring(s)
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Whether the project is part of a restoration, prevention or recovery plan (i.e., Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP), Restoration Action Plan (RAP), or Minimum Flows and Levels (MFL) Recovery or Prevention Strategy)
  • Whether the project is part of a multi-year program or (phased) project implementation plan