The Lake GuardTM Oxy product is a targeted algaecide for blue-green algae. It is a proprietary formulation of an U.S. EPA-approved algaecide, with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as the active ingredient. This granular formulation floats on the water surface near the targeted blue-green algae.

The District has contracted with private herbicide applicator firms to apply the algaecide as directed by District scientists. Applicators must meet all state and federal certification requirements for herbicide application.

It has been approved by the EPA as an algaecide to treat and control harmful algal blooms, and will be applied according to label instructions. Previous applications have not resulted in any adverse effects to the surrounding environment.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) provided the required permits for specific water bodies within the District’s 18-county region.

Those water bodies include:

  • Lake Washington
  • Crescent Lake
  • Doctors Lake
  • Georges Lake
  • Lower St. Johns River between just north of Lake George and the Shands Bridge
  • Blue Cypress Lake
  • It can only be applied in permitted water bodies.
  • Water depth must be greater than 3 feet and we will not be applying along the shoreline.
  • Maximum treatment size is 200 acres. The water bodies listed above are all 800 acres or more.

Signs will be placed at all boat ramps within two miles of the treatment site.

This is a short-term measure to reduce localized algae blooms. Long term, we continue to work with numerous partners to implement projects that reduce the excess nutrients that create algae bloom conditions. Nutrients are naturally found in all waterways, but excess nutrients (for example from lawn fertilizer) can fuel harmful algal blooms.

A granular product being power into green water
An EPA-approved granular product is applied during a pilot project to target cyanobacterial aggregates as they drift in the water.