The Great Water Odyssey℠ is a fun, interactive way for Florida’s students to learn about water resources and their protection and conservation. Odyssey nurtures a greater awareness and appreciation of Florida’s watersheds and their ecosystems, and promotes responsible actions for the health, protection and use of Florida’s water resources.

Odyssey includes components of science, geography, social studies, reading, technology and math. As students explore the water world of waterdrop Hydro and his cousin Agua and their friends, the learning is masked in fun.

Start exploring! Click on the buttons above to view videos, hunt for “Easter eggs” and learn about water topics.

Odyssey can help achieve the educator’s objectives in the following ways:

  • The program is correlated with Florida Standards. See Teachers’ Manual (below) for details.
  • Provides an engaging, hands-on and fun learning experience.
  • Develops an awareness of Florida’s fragile water resources.
  • Provides supplemental activities to utilize in classroom.
  • Provides teachers background information on water science.

Teacher resource document

The Odyssey Teachers’ Manual contains resources to help you explore water topics with your students, including quizzes, background information, supplemental activities and a list of Florida Standard.

For additional information about this program, please contact:

Laura La Beur
Education and Outreach Coordinator

Illustration of water vapor condensing info liquid
The water cycle

Meet Hydro, a somewhat naive waterdrop who is looking for his wayward waterdrop cousin, Agua. Following Agua’s clues leads him on a tumbling journey through the water cycle. Then Raleigh Otter teaches us more about the water cycle with an interactive hunt through a watershed showing us how waterdrops like Hydro move through it.

Illustration of the states of matter
States of matter

Following Agua’s lead, Hydro freezes and melts, changing between several states of matter. Along the way, we learn how heat and cold impact the water cycle. Hot on Agua’s trail, Hydro evaporates and lands in a cloud, where a clue from Agua sends him on a geographic quest, exploring watersheds in Florida.

Illustration of various aquatic habitats

Florida’s aquatic habitats

Agua and Hydro are reunited in a cloud as condensation as they move through the water cycle.  While they wait on more waterdrops to join them, they learn that watersheds are everywhere and made of the land that drains to rivers or streams.  After meeting Drop, they become precipitation, falling in Florida where they learn more about wetlands, estuaries, river and lakes.

Illustrations of water drops in an aquifer

Aquifer travels

Waterdrops Hydro and Agua meet a new drop, Splat. Looking for adventure, they explore the various layers of Florida’s aquifer system. During their travels they discuss the importance of protecting, conserving and reducing the use of water, a natural resource, in order to protect the quality of life. They will explore the consequences of using limited natural resources while focusing on the importance of protecting our groundwater and recharge areas.

Illustration of a Gallon and a Quart

What’s a gallon?

In this section, Hydro learns about units of measure (such as pints, quarts and gallons) and the many ways we use water every day. He also explores a kitchen where he learns about the water content in the foods we eat.