Water conservation materials for local governments and utilities

Water conservation is a key element in helping to ensure Florida’s sustainable water supply. Public supply is the largest water use category within the St. Johns River Water Management District and is the area where we can all make a difference.

The district provides water conservation tips and other information on this website, and makes available materials on this page for use by local governments and utilities within its 18-county jurisdiction of Florida to provide a consistent water conservation message.

These materials are copyrighted by the district. The district grants permission to the local governments and utilities within its jurisdiction to print (at their own expense) the materials for public dissemination. The district has provided a space on each print-ready PDF for local governments and utilities to add their logo and contact information. Other alterations to the files should not be made.

Questions can be directed to Water Conservation Coordinator Deirdre Irwin at dirwin@sjrwmd.com or 386-329-4341.


Irrigation conservation tips

Tips to achieve efficiency from your irrigation system while supplying sufficient water for your landscape.

Running time: 2.36 mins.

Irrigation checkup

Simple tips to ensure you are following the year-round watering restrictions and that your irrigation system is functioning properly.

Running time: 1:21 mins.

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