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Technical reports

In the course of their daily work to protect and preserve water resources, officials at the St. Johns River Water Management District engage in many scientific studies and restoration projects. The district documents its work in several ways, including the technical reports described in this section of our website. Technical reports document a study or method, outline a management plan or disseminate data.

On this site, you will find a listing of all technical publications, professional papers (shorter in nature) and special publications published by the district since 1978. These reports are distributed free of charge to interested parties.

NOTE: How the district classifies its published reports has changed over the years. Prior to 2000, special reports were deemed of primary interest to other district scientists or just within Florida. Technical reports were considered of interest to a wider audience. Since 2000, technical publications have been defined as staff-written reports, while special publications are defined as contractor-written. For this reason, some special publications posted to this site were written by or have contributions from district staff. The district “publishes” a staff-written technical publication and/or professional paper after the manuscript has been internally reviewed and edited, accepted by the district’s senior management, and has had a series number assigned to it. Contractor-written special publications are not edited by the district but are accepted by the district and published for informational purposes.


The links at upper right lead to lists of all technical materials published by the district. Each listing will include the publication’s number, author(s), title and a brief summary.