District closes Harris Bayou Spillway

SJRWMD logo on a blue background

Jan. 10, 2020 — The St. Johns River Water Management District has closed the Harris Bayou Spillway, and flow at the Burrell and Moss Bluff dams has been reduced to base flow and should not adversely affect downstream areas. Flow from Lake Apopka will continue through the Lake County’s nutrient reduction facility (NuRF) for the upcoming week.

The UORB consists of a series of controlled lakes including lakes Apopka, Dora, Beauclair, Eustis, Harris and Griffin. The district strives to maintain water levels at targets referred to as regulation schedules. When a lake level exceeds its regulation schedule, district flood control staff discharge water through water control structures.

The district opened the spillway and maximized flows on Dec. 30 due to heavy rainfall over a two-week period.

Flood protection is one of the district’s core missions. The Ocklawaha River Basin portion of the Four River Basins, Florida Project, is one of two federal flood control projects for which the district is the sponsor. For updates, visit district’s website.