Take note of the expiration date of your consumptive use permit

All consumptive use permits (CUPs) issued by the district contain permit conditions that govern the water use authorized by the permit. One of the most important conditions that is included on all CUPs is the permit expiration date.

It is the permittee’s responsibility to timely apply for renewal of the CUP if the water use is still active or needed. It is important to apply for renewal of your permit before the expiration date, because the duration of an expired CUP cannot be extended. In contrast, when a permittee timely reapplies, their CUP remains in effect until the district makes a decision on the renewal application. For your convenience, you can apply for renewal of your CUP at the district’s e-Permitting portal (www.sjrwmd.com/epermitting). You can create and maintain a login ID that allows you to submit application and compliance information. If a CUP needs to be renewed, it is helpful to contact district staff prior to submitting the permit renewal application form. Staff can meet with the permittee and assist with the permit renewal process.