New smart meter technology promotes water savings in Ocoee

MAITLAND, Fla., Aug. 12, 2016 — The St. Johns River Water Management District is partnering with the city of Ocoee in Orange County to help fund smart meter technology that aims to reduce water use and streamline other water conservation efforts.

“We’re proud to partner with Ocoee and help further expand their water conservation efforts,” said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. “By ensuring sustainable use of our water, this project will directly benefit the Central Florida Water Initiative by reducing groundwater demands and by supporting minimum flows and levels.”

“The city of Ocoee is honored to have been chosen as a recipient for the district’s cost-share program,” said Charles Smith, utilities director for the city of Ocoee. “We are excited to upgrade our systems to further promote the success of our Water Conservation Program and the water conservation efforts of the St. Johns River Water Management District.”

Building upon previously established water conservation programs, Ocoee is using the funds to replace traditional water meters with smart meters. The smart meters pair with technology that provides real-time water usage reports, alerting users to leaks, high water use and irrigation issues. Installation of 900 smart meters is nearly complete and when finished, the project will have replaced nearly 10,000 traditional meters.

The goal of the project is to reduce water use through customer awareness. The program was selected for funding because it benefits water supply by conserving groundwater through improved water use efficiency.

District funding for the project spans several years. During the district’s 2015-2016 fiscal year, Ocoee’s project received $55,735. In the 2016-2017 fiscal year, the city is scheduled to receive $1.1 million from the district’s cost-share program, which assists in funding projects related to enhancing water conservation efforts as well as developing sustainable water resources and providing flood protection.

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