Notice of environmental resource permit issuance is in public records

For individual and some conceptual approval permit applications, the Statewide Environmental Resource Permitting (SWERP) rule requires the district, with some exceptions, to record a notice of environmental resource permit in the public records of the county where the permitted project is located, unless otherwise noted in the permit. To meet the requirements of Rule 62-330.090 (7), Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), the district completes the form titled “Recorded Notice of Environmental Resource Permit” (notice) that identifies the permit number, grantee, parcel identification number and county location. The notice also provides notification requirements related to construction completion and permit transfers. The notice form can be viewed at

To assist the district in meeting this SWERP requirement, applicants are requested to include in the application submittal a real-property description of the project area (the premises). This information is attached as an exhibit to the notice document. The recorded notice is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a lien, encumbrance or cloud on the title of the premises. The notice may not be released or removed from the public records without the prior written consent of the district.

If you have any questions concerning the notice requirement, please contact the Customer Service Help Desk or 386-329-4570.