Tips for publishing of Notice of Agency Action by the permittee

When you receive a copy of your environmental resource permit (ERP) you will see — in addition to the date of issuance, the authorization statement and the list of conditions — noticing information that includes a Notice of Rights, Notice of Agency Action and a list of newspapers. This noticing information appears at the end of the permit document and, like the permit conditions, is very important and should be read and considered.

As stated in the noticing information, the district does not publish a notice in a newspaper advising the public that a permit has been issued. Persons who have not been provided with notice of the district’s decision to issue the permit may have the right to petition for an administrative hearing on the activity under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, until their point of entry closes. Even if not required to publish notice of the district’s decision, it may be in the permittee’s best interest to publish, at the permittee’s own expense, a one-time notice of the district’s decision (or intended decision) in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the activity is located to close the point of entry. District staff will provide applicants with additional information for publishing such a notice upon request.

If you have any questions about publishing a notice of agency action, please contact the district’s Customer Service Help Desk at or 386-329-4570.