Water conservation

Outdoors, lawn and landscape irrigation accounts for more than half of all residential water use. If everyone skipped every other week of irrigation this season, it could save nearly 1 billion gallons of water.

During cooler months in fall and winter, your lawn doesn’t need watering every week. It’s the best time to train your yard to need less water. So, only water your lawn every other week — and only if it needs it.

Too much irrigation…

  • Makes your lawn less able to survive droughts
  • Encourages pests and disease
  • Wastes water

How much is enough?

  • Grass doesn’t need as much water in the cooler months
  • Apply 1/2″ to 3/4″ of water
  • Water only every 10-14 days in the winter

Your lawn needs watering when:

  • Grass blades are folded in half
  • Grass blades are blue-gray
  • Your footprint remains on the lawn

Conservation videos

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Irrigation conservation tips

Running Time: 2:36

Tips from the St. Johns River Water Management District to achieve efficiency from your irrigation system while supplying sufficient water for your landscape.

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Irrigation system checkup

Running time: 1:21

Here are simple tips for ensuring you are following the year-round watering restrictions and that your irrigation system is functioning properly.

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Easy ways to save water indoors and out

Run Time: 0:45

See quick things you can do indoors and outdoors to save water, time and money.