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Image buttons from the Education page

Image buttons from the Education page

PALATKA, Fla., Aug. 24, 2020 — Take an online adventure into the world of water — visit the St. Johns River Water Management District’s updated educational webpages. The District’s online water education resources can help teachers, homeschoolers and lifelong learners discover more about Florida’s water resources through webinars, at-home activities, videos and more.

Resources include video lessons about the Floridan aquifer system, prescribed fire, harvesting rough fish to improve water quality, water pollution and “critters” in stormwater ponds and natural waterways. These videos enhance current educational resources on the District’s website, www.sjrwmd.com/education, including hands-on activities, educational videos with self-grading quizzes, coloring sheets, vocabulary words, stories to read and interactive cartoon adventures in the world of water.

Dr. Jennifer Mitchell, a District public communications coordinator, leads the agency’s educational outreach program. She hosts regular free webinars on a variety of water-related topics. Upcoming webinars include Lake Apopka’s Submerged Aquatic Habitat Restoration on Aug. 27 and Protecting the Environment through Agricultural Innovation on Sept. 10. Register at www.sjrwmd.com/education/.

Also available through the District’s website are:

  • The Great Water OdysseySM, a fun, interactive way for Florida’s students to learn about water resources and their protection and conservation. Odyssey includes components of science, geography, social studies, reading, technology and math.
  • An introduction to district mascot Raleigh Otter, a tour of the St. Johns River and overview of water management in Florida: sjrwmd.com/education/raleighs-den.
  • Tour the Indian River Lagoon from the perspective of lagoon natives Sebastian and Lucie Snook, with information on seagrasses, mangroves and other unique lagoon tidbits: sjrwmd.com/education/snooks-cove.
  • Learn about the different kinds of aquatic macroinvertebrates and how they are indicators of water quality: www.sjrwmd.com/education/macroinvertebrates.
  • A collection of activity and coloring sheets to download, reading comprehension activities and lesson plans with videos: sjrwmd.com/education/teacher.
  • Videos on the District’s YouTube channel feature otters, manatees, the journey of a water sample, highlights of District public lands and much more: youtube.com/user/floridaswater.

Teachers and parent-teachers also are invited to reach out to Mitchell at jmitchell@sjrwmd.com with questions or to schedule an online lesson.

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