Springs of the district

Wadesboro Spring

Wadesboro Spring in Clay County

Wadesboro Spring is a fourth-magnitude spring with water flowing from the Hawthorn Group sediments. The spring is situated at the head of a wooded ravine that is a tributary to Doctors Lake, a branch of the St. Johns River. The spring is enclosed by a 5-foot-high, five-sided concrete and wood enclosure about 15 feet wide by 35 feet long. The spring issues from two closely spaced horizontal cavities in rock below the base of the southwest end of the enclosure. One cavity is about 1 foot wide and the other about 2 feet wide. The head pool is deepest at the spring boil, where turbulence from the discharging spring causes continuous disturbance of the sand bottom. Water depth within most of the enclosure is 1 foot to 1.5 feet, except for the area adjacent to the spring orifices that is 5 feet deep. Water exits through a 13-foot opening on the southeast side of the concrete enclosure. Water from the spring flows about 0.3 mile down a small natural run to Doctors Lake.