Juniper Springs

Juniper Springs in Marion County

Juniper Springs is a second-magnitude spring with an oval-shaped pool that measures about 120 feet from north to south and 90 feet from east to west. Several limestone vents and sand boils are present on the pool bottom, with sand and aquatic grasses in other areas of the pool. The clear, bluish water has a low dissolved solids concentration compared with most Florida springs. A limestone and concrete wall with steps and other access points surrounds the pool. An old millhouse and spillway are on the east side of the pool. Numerous sand boils are located down the run from the main pool, with the largest by the bridge over the run. The springs are the headwaters of Juniper Creek, which meanders toward the northeast through the Juniper Prairie Wilderness for about 10 miles to Lake George. Fern Hammock Springs are located about 0.25 miles downstream from Juniper Springs. The springs and the surrounding recreational area provide facilities for camping, picnicking, swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and canoeing.