Water conservation is a key part of ensuring our long-term water supply

April 2, 2020

Person washing their hands

I hope this message finds you well and adjusting to the changes Covid-19 has made in your routine. To those of you in healthcare, public safety or otherwise on the frontlines, THANK YOU and please know all of us at the St. Johns River Water Management District are doing our part to help “flatten the curve.” Updates on District operations and properties are posted on our website.

While the District prioritizes water conservation year-round, I want to emphasize that right now you should follow all recommendations from the CDC and Florida Department of Health, including using ample water for thorough hand washing! Please continue to follow all expert directives on consistent, vigorous, and prolonged handwashing and help fight the spread of this virus. If you need a refresher on the proper use of soap and water, check out these instructions and share them with your family and friends.

During this unprecedented period, we are still joining many partners across the state in observing Water Conservation Month this April. I’m grateful and encouraged by continuing participation from the state and from local governments, community organizations, our governing board, staff and individuals in promoting water conservation for the protection of our water supply.

We are also in a particularly dry spell around the District, with rainfall deficits reported in all of our 18 counties in March. While protecting yourself and everyone around you by maintaining good hand hygiene and social distancing, you can also help protect water resources by ensuring you are conserving water elsewhere around your home or business. Our seasonal Water Less message Did you set it and forget it? urges you to check your irrigation system timers and sprinkler heads to limit the waste of our precious water resources. Visit the Water Less campaign webpage at WaterLessFlorida.com and follow the District on social media to learn the many ways you can help conserve water outdoors.

Protecting the water supply is one of our core missions and water conservation remains a focus for us even now, as our personnel continue monitoring, collecting data and providing guidance to the public and our partners while working remotely in many cases, keeping our distance from others and yes—washing our hands with soap and water throughout the day. Stay well everyone.

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