Catch a bird’s eye view of these district lands

This is Florida. An oversized sandbar, really, where much of the state is barely above sea level. Sure, we may not have mountain ranges with those dizzying scenic overlooks, but there is a way to experience Florida’s most enchanting vistas from a slightly different perspective.

Some of the St. Johns River Water Management District’s public lands feature observation towers that offer elevated views of the state’s most picturesque vistas. Think glassy lakes reflecting azure skies and pine forests green and silent, but with a skybox view. The best part: It’s virtually impossible to take a bad photo from this vantage point.

The district buys land in the course of our work to protect and preserve water resources. Most of the more than 770,000 acres we own or manage is open to the public for passive recreational activities, such as hiking, horseback riding and birdwatching…sometimes with a bird’s eye view.

If you decide to venture out, be sure to bring water, bug spray, hand sanitizer and your cell phone (for snapping photos) and be part of the scenery. Our property list page provides details on the recreational opportunities offered at each of our 41 properties, here are some of the properties that have observation towers:

  1. Buck Lake Conservation Area (Brevard and Volusia counties)
  2. Lake Apopka North Shore (Lake and Orange counties)
  3. Orange Creek Restoration Area (Alachua and Marion counties)
  4. Bayard Conservation Area (Clay County)

For details about accessibility on district lands, visit this page.

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