Welcome to the WATERSPOUT podcast! The St. Johns River Water Management District created WATERSPOUT as a way to let you hear directly from us about Florida’s water resources. You’ll hear from our staff members about the work they do each day and how that work benefits our shared water resources. We’ll delve into important topics affecting our region’s water, what the District is doing and what you can do to help preserve and protect water.

We invite you to watch each episode on this page or our YouTube channel. WATERSPOUT is also available as an audio file to download from Spotify and other podcast platforms.

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Just uploaded

Ep. 16 – Regulatory

Jeff Prather, director, Division of Regulatory Services

Uploaded on: Nov. 30, 2023

Running time: 16:25

Previously uploaded

Ep. 15 — Flames of Conservation – Prescribed Fire Talks

Jeremy Olson, land management program manager, Bureau of Land Resources

Uploaded on: Nov. 9, 2023
Running time: 14:24

Ep. 14 — Sealing the Past, Protecting the Future: The Well Plugging Program

Gary Foster, Bureau of Water Resource Information

Uploaded on: Oct. 26, 2023
Running time: 15:36

Ep. 13 — The flow of tomorrow: Navigating water supply planning

Deirdre Irwin, water conservation coordinator, and Joy Kokjohn, regional water supply planning coordinator, Bureau of Water Supply Planning

Uploaded on: Oct. 12, 2023
Running time: 15:44

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