Public participation in the permitting process

Public input is an important part of the St. Johns River Water Management District’s permitting process. The following information explains how and when the public can become engaged.

The process

The district issues Consumptive Use Permits (CUPs) that authorize water use and Environmental Resource Permits (ERPs) that ensure proper management of storm water and protection of wetlands. Designated district staff are authorized to issue ERPs and certain CUPs. Only the district’s Governing Board may issue CUPs authorizing large water uses. The district’s Governing Board must also consider all permit applications that district staff have recommended for denial.

Consumptive Use Permits

If any of the following apply, the district’s Governing Board will take action to approve or deny the CUP application:

  • The proposed use of water exceeds 500,000 gallons per day on an average annual basis.
  • The CUP application is recommended for denial.
  • There is a timely substantial objection to the CUP application. (A substantial objection is a written statement that identifies the objector, concerns hydrologic or environmental impacts of the proposed use and relates to applicable CUP rule criteria. A substantial objection is considered “timely” when it is received by the district within 14 days of notification of the application.)

The public is welcome to provide in-person input on permit applications being considered by the Governing Board or provide written comments on any application. Governing Board meeting agendas are available on the district’s website at least seven days prior to the meetings.

Environmental Resource Permits

ERP applications will be considered for approval by the district’s Executive Director or designee. ERP applications that are recommended for substantive denial will be considered by the district’s Governing Board.

To learn about CUP or ERP permit applications, intended district permitting decisions, permits, CUP Compliance Report submittals, ERP compliance, or to comment on a permit application or a CUP Compliance Report

The district posts information about permit applications and compliance reports on its website. You can search for pending applications and compliance reports by application/permit number, project name, permit type, or county.

Once you locate an application, permit, or compliance report, click on the application/permit number to view details about the specific application, permit, or compliance report. From the details page, you can provide comments on the application or compliance report and you can request notice of the district’s intended decision on the application or compliance report.

The following are additional ways to receive information or provide comments about permit applications or compliance reports, or to receive information about permits that have been issued.

  • Write to St. Johns River Water Management District, Margaret Daniels, Office of Business and Administrative Support, P.O. Box 1429, Palatka, FL 32178-1429.
  • Email:
  • Present comments to the appropriate service center in the area that relates to the application or compliance report or to the Executive Director via mail or email, or schedule an appointment with district staff to discuss comments.