Lake Weir Minimum Levels

Lily pads in Lake Weir
Grass coming out of the water in Lake Weir

Lake Weir is located 16 miles southeast of Ocala in southern Marion County.  The Lake Weir system, comprised of Lake Weir proper, Sunset Harbor, and Little Lake Weir is the largest freshwater system in Marion County, at approximately 6,800 acres.  Overlying sandhill karst with solution basins and surrounded by xeric hills, the internal drainage of Lake Weir makes it an area of high recharge to the Upper Floridan aquifer.  Lake Weir is also a regionally important recreational resource and wildlife habitat area, providing excellent opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

The district’s MFLs approach involves two separate but interrelated components: 1) MFLs Determination; and 2) MFLs Assessment. The first involves determining a minimum hydrologic regime necessary to protect relevant water resource values. The second involves comparing this MFLs condition to a current-pumping condition to determine the current status of the MFLs. The overall process involves a comprehensive analysis of ecological, recreational, and hydrological information, all of which will undergo independent scientific peer review. The minimum hydrologic regime determined for Lake Weir will be the basis for water supply permitting in the area.

Field work and surface water modeling for the Lake Weir reevaluation are ongoing. The Lake Weir MFLs reevaluation is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. Check back for draft and final MFLs report documents.

District staff updated a Hydrological Simulation Program Fortran (HSPF) model developed for Lake Weir by Dynamic Solutions. This model will be used to support the development and assessment of MFLs at Lake Weir. The intent of this review is to ensure that the HSPF model is developed and implemented based on sound science and modeling principles. Peer review of model application will focus on the appropriateness of the model, input data and calibration procedures, and the proposed uses of model results.

Lake Weir HSPF model and documentation report

Summary of initial peer review of Lake Weir HSPF model

Peer review report

SJRWMD resolution document

District staff person wading in Lake Weir
District staff person at standing in Lake Weir waters