Water supply documents, reports and forms

National Research Council reports

The National Research Council reports can be downloaded from the National Academy of Sciences’ website at the links below. They require that a name, email address and profession be provided in order to download the documents.

Water use data management program

The water use data management program of the St. Johns River Water Management District was established in 1992. Data are collected from primary and secondary sources, verified and analyzed, and made available for general use.

Partnerships have been established with state and local governments and major water users throughout the district for data collection and for sharing and analyzing the data. The focus of the program has been establishing methodologies for making reliable, current water use estimates and future water demand projections. Numerous relational and spatial data sets have been developed to support water demand estimates and projections, the most important of which relate to population, public supply water use, and the location of public supply wells and water service area boundaries. Information generated from these data sets is used for regional groundwater modeling and water supply planning.

Water Supply Impact Study final report (July 23, 2012)

Chapter 1.   Executive Summary (3.3 MB)

Chapter 2.   Comprehensive Integrated Assessment (2.5 MB)

Chapter 3.   Watershed Hydrology (23.5 MB)

Chapter 4.   Groundwater Hydrology (5.4 MB)

Chapter 5.   River Hydrodynamics Calibration (23.4 MB)

Chapter 6.   River Hydrodynamics Results (12.0 MB)

Chapter 7.   Biogeochemistry (3.5 MB)

Chapter 8.   Plankton (3.9 MB)

Chapter 9.   Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (1.2 MB)

Chapter 10. Wetland Vegetation (6.5 MB)

Chapter 11. Benthic Macroinvertebrates (2.9 MB)

Chapter 12. Fish (2.1 MB)

Chapter 13. Floodplain Wildlife (0.9 MB)