Districtwide Agricultural Cost-Share program continues to help local growers implement water conservation techniques

Man standing in front of a grove

Bill Lennon, owner of Lennon Grove, was recently awarded cost-share funding through the Districtwide Agriculture Cost-Share program.

PALATKA, Fla., Dec. 12, 2023 ― Since its establishment in 2015, the Districtwide Agricultural Cost-Share program has assisted farmers and growers in implementing sustainable projects within the St. Johns River Water Management District’s 18-county region. The program focuses on conserving water, transitioning to lower quality water sources, and reducing nutrient loading, positively impacting the region’s agricultural practices, while also helping to protect water quality and supply.

Lennon Grove’s project, which was approved by the Governing Board on Tuesday, aims to retrofit the irrigation system with pump automation and telemetry on approximately 35 acres of citrus and hay. The estimated water conservation amounts to 7.28 million gallons annually, highlighting the program’s commitment to impactful water-saving initiatives.

The cost-share program covers up to 75 percent of project costs, capped at $250,000. Funding must be used toward engineering, design, construction, and implementation of technologies and strategies to improve water efficiencies and protect natural systems.

Since its inception, the program has funded 161 projects, making significant strides in implementing agriculture practices to help conserve and protect our water and natural systems. Applications are accepted year-round and processed on a first-come, first-served basis to better meet the needs of the agricultural community.

For information, visit www.sjrwmd.com/localgovernments/funding.