Tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea has a high chance of development

Storm drain filling with pine needles

PALATKA, Fla., Aug. 25, 2023 — The St. Johns River Water Management District continues to monitor the tropics today and throughout the weekend as forecasters predict a tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea has a high chance of development over the next several days.

Storm drain filling with pine needles

Blocked or clogged storm drains can significantly contribute to localized flooding, especially during a heavy rainfall.

Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) team and executive leadership is ensuring the District is ready should the storm continue to organize and become a threat to the region.

Property owners can prepare for possible heavy winds and rains now by:

  • Keeping debris out of storm drains and ditches,
  • Reporting clogged ditches to local governments,
  • Pruning weaker limbs from trees,
  • Cleaning out gutters and extending downspouts at least four feet from structures.

This is a perfect time to get any supplies you may need for your disaster kit, as the second Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday begins Aug. 26 until Sept. 8. This 14-day tax holiday allows Floridians to save money on critical disaster preparedness items. During hurricane season, which ends Nov. 30, Floridians are encouraged to keep a fully stocked disaster supply with at least seven days of supplies including water, nonperishable food, prescription medications, flashlights and extra batteries.

To find more information on the second tax holiday, visit the Florida Department of Revenue’s website here.

Also, be sure to follow your county’s Emergency Operations Center for the latest local emergency updates. They serve as the primary entities responsible for emergency responses during storms, including implementing state-of-emergency declarations, evacuations and rescue efforts during flood-related disasters. The District may assist local governments in their response and recovery efforts.

Visit the District’s website at for information and links to flood statements and warnings, river stages, and local government emergency contacts.