District board finalizes transfer of Gemini Springs Addition to Volusia County

PALATKA, Fla., March 14, 2017 — The St. Johns River Water Management District’s Governing Board voted Tuesday to finalize the transfer of the 948-acre Gemini Springs Addition property to Volusia County.

“This property transfer has taken many steps to achieve,” said St. Johns River Water Management District Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. “Today, we’ve crossed the finish line. Gemini Springs Addition is in great hands under the management of Volusia County.”

Acquired by the district in 1999 for Florida Department of Transportation mitigation, Gemini Springs Addition is located on the northwest corner of Lake Monroe and is connected to the county’s Lake Monroe Park by a 2.5 mile, paved multi-use trail. The county manages parks on both the north and south ends of the property. The Gemini Springs Addition contains the spring run coming from Gemini Springs County Park. The property will be managed by Volusia County with other adjacent county-owned parks.

The Gemini Springs Addition was identified in the 2012 District Lands Assessment Implementation Plan as one of seven properties for potential transfer to Volusia County. On June 14, 2016, the board approved the transfer of the Gemini Springs Addition property to Volusia County. Donation of the property is subject to a conservation easement and a reverter clause that would return ownership to the district if the terms of the conservation easement are violated. The conservation easement will include prohibitions and restrictions on use of the property.