District proclamation designates April as Water Conservation Month

PALATKA, Fla., March 8, 2016 — Water conservation is at the heart of the St. Johns River Water Management District’s mission of protecting and ensuring the sustainability of Florida’s water supplies. The district’s Governing Board today approved a proclamation that designates April 2016 as Water Conservation Month to heighten awareness about the importance of water conservation.

April has been formally recognized as Water Conservation Month in Florida for the past 18 years, as April is typically a dry month when water demands are higher due to springtime planting.

“Recognizing Water Conservation Month helps to encourage water users to take simple steps to conserve. The board is pleased to join Gov. Scott and the Legislature to increase awareness about conservation and actions that each of us as Floridians can take to protect our state’s water resources,” said John Miklos, chairman of the district’s Governing Board.

More than half of all residential water use is outdoors for lawn and landscape irrigation. Watering wisely year-round promotes healthier lawns and landscapes and can save thousands of gallons of water per month, as well as save homeowners money. Overwatering a lawn can promote weeds and insect pests, as well as weakened grass roots.

Following districtwide lawn watering rules helps ensure the efficient use of water for landscape irrigation. The rules specify the days when residents and businesses may water. These days depend on whether the property has an odd or even numbered address.

The rules allow irrigation up to two days a week, before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m., from March 13 to Nov. 5, 2016, and up to one day a week during the cooler months of Eastern Standard Time.

For more tips on saving water, visit the district’s water conservation web pages at www.sjrwmd.com/waterconservation/savingwater.