Contractor selected for the Eau Gallie River muck dredging project comes in under budget

PALATKA, Fla., March 8, 2016 — Florida’s taxpayers may receive more muck for the buck.

During today’s St. Johns River Water Management District’s Governing Board meeting, the board learned that the low bidder for the Eau Gallie River muck dredging project, Blue Goose Construction, can do the work for $18.5 million — leaving about $2 million potentially available for additional dredging and improvements.

“I’m pleased to report that all of the design and permitting requirements associated with this project are on schedule,” said the St. Johns River Water Management District’s Executive Director Dr. Ann Shortelle. “We expect to start work this spring, and begin actual dredging by the end of the summer.”

The Eau Gallie River is a tributary of the Indian River Lagoon and has accumulated substantial muck sediments over many decades. Muck contributes nutrients to the water column and has led to undesirable impacts to the regional ecology and economy.

At least 625,000 cubic yards of muck sediments will be dredged from the Eau Gallie River, and its south prong, Elbow Creek, to a containment area on land owned by Brevard County.

Once started, dredging is anticipated to continue through early 2018 with restoration of the dredged material containment area site completed by December31, 2018.