Online database helps homeowners plan for upcoming planting season

PALATKA, Fla., Feb. 2, 2016 –With a mild, wet winter in progress and the start of springtime gardening just around the corner, the St. Johns River Water Management District’s waterwise plant database can help landscapers and do-it-yourselfers start researching the right plants for their yards’ specific growing conditions.

“Among the district’s greatest priorities is promoting water conservation through its regulatory programs and in planning for future water supplies,” said District Executive Director Ann Shortelle. “Because one of the biggest uses of water is lawn and landscape irrigation at our homes and businesses, using water wisely in our landscapes is an important personal responsibility. Florida friendly landscaping is easy -plus, saving water saves homeowners’ money!”

If a landscape’s sunlight and soil conditions are assessed correctly, well-chosen plants will need little to no supplemental irrigation once established. The district’s waterwise landscaping Web pages provide information on how to design a water-conserving landscape and how to group plants according to their needs, such as planting region, sunlight and soil conditions.

The dynamic Web-based tool is designed to help determine which plants are most appropriate for a landscape given the natural growing conditions found there.The database, which is found at, is searchable by scientific name,common name, size, color of flowers, hardiness zone, soil moisture needs, light and shade requirements,salt tolerance, and more. It also offers information on hundreds of plant species and allows users to compare information about different plants to determine if they are suitable to plant together and to help the user better plan planting areas.

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