Students receive technology donation from district

PALATKA, Fla., Jan. 13, 2016 — The Putnam County School District today received a donation of 71 surplus

computers, laptops and tablets from the St. Johns River Water Management District. “The Putnam County School District appreciates good neighbors such as the St. Johns River Water Management District and the agency’s generous donation,” said Superintendent Phyllis Criswell. “We will be putting these technological resources to excellent use in our Exceptional Student Education program, benefitting gifted students as well as those with disabilities.”

The St. Johns District routinely disposes of items that are obsolete, serve no useful function, are uneconomical or inefficient for continued use, or have exceeded their useful service life. A total of 166 items, including field and office equipment, were listed recently as surplus.

In December, district staff contacted the economically disadvantaged Rural Economic Development Initiative (REDI) communities within its boundaries to gauge interest in receiving its surplus items as donations. The Putnam County School District responded, requesting 17 tablets, 11 laptop computers, 43 desktop computers and 43 sets of monitors, keyboards and mice.

“We are delighted to donate these resources to the local school system, to give new life to technology that can no longer meet our needs but can continue to serve a useful purpose,” said St. Johns District Executive Director Ann Shortelle. “By repurposing these computers, tablets and accessories, it saves taxpayer dollars in Putnam County, which is where the district is headquartered.”