Payment of application fees electronically is fast and secure

Applicants and consultants can pay permit application fees electronically through the district’s e-Permitting site. This is much quicker and efficient than physically delivering a check to a district office. Payments may be made online using either a checking account or credit card.

Your payment is made using a secure, encrypted connection with Bank of America’s online payment site. Because these transactions are processed by Bank of America, the district and its employees do not have access to checking account or credit card information, nor is any of the information retained as part of the public record. Credit cards currently accepted are American Express, VISA, and MasterCard, and receipts for online payments are immediately acknowledged via email.

Paper checks also can be used to submit the payment electronically. For example, if a consultant is given a check from their client, the consultant can enter the routing and account information on the check and submit electronically. The transaction will appear as an ACH withdrawal on the checking account statement. Please note that consultant should request permission from the client before entering the data on the check.

For more information, contact customer support at 386-329-4570 or